Contributor Instructions

Thank you for contributing to the COVID-19 Law Lab.

To upload documents for review, please click through to the dashboard.

Click on ‘+New’ on the top tab and then click on ‘Item’. Please enter as much information as you have about the law you are submitting. At the bottom of the page you will be able to upload the document and indicate what type of document it is and if it applies to the entire country. On the left hand side you will be able to categorize the document based on the following categories:

  • Disease Surveillance and Technology
  • HIV & COVID-19
  • Isolation, Quarantine Measures
  • Movement & Distancing Restrictions
  • Access to medicines and intellectual property
  • State of emergency/public health emergency

After marking the applicable categories, please check any tags that the document references (curfew, lockdowns, access to health services, etc…,). Once you have as many fields filled-in as possible, kindly submit your entry for review. Your contribution is invaluable to us, thank you.