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The COVID-19 Law Lab gathers and shares legal documents from 190+ countries across the globe, helping states establish and implement strong legal frameworks to manage the pandemic.

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Our Goal: Protect Everyone

The COVID-19 Law Lab seeks to ensure that all pandemic-related laws protect the health and well-being of individuals and communities, and that they adhere to international human rights standards.

“To ensure responses to the pandemic are effective, humane and sustainable, governments must use the law as a tool to uphold the human rights and dignity of people affected by COVID-19.”
Winnie Byanyima's Headshot – Winnie Byanyima Executive Director of UNAIDS

Good Laws = healthy societies
Well-designed laws can

  • Help build strong health systems
  • Evaluate and approve safe and effective drugs and vaccines
  • Advance human rights
  • Enforce actions to create healthier and safer public spaces and workplaces

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